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Why Are Dental Cleanings Important?

July 21, 2021
Posted By: Lee Martin, DMD Team

Regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings in Garden City lay the foundation for long-term dental health. By visiting your dentist office for exams and teeth cleanings, you can significantly lower your risks for most dental health conditions, including:

  • Gingivitis
  • Gum disease
  • Cavities
  • Oral infections
  • Teeth Cleanings Near Me in Garden City, GA

Your preventive exam—usually every six months—includes a comprehensive checkup, oral cancer screening, x-rays when appropriate, and professional teeth cleaning.

Your professional teeth clean clears your teeth and gums of the ingredients that cause oral health conditions, including plaque and stubborn tartar. Your exam and teeth cleaning also includes a periodontal check.

Your Periodontal Check

Periodontal disease is a severe condition that can lead to tooth loss and other health complications, including heart issues and babies born at lower birth weight. Additionally, periodontal disease has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions.

If you have periodontal disease, sometimes called gum disease, you have infections in the periodontal ligaments and tissues that support your teeth. Lowering your risks for this condition is critical to your overall wellness.

Why Brushing and Flossing Are Not Enough

Brushing and flossing regularly is extremely important and the best way to care for your teeth and gums between exams and cleanings. But your toothbrush and floss cannot get rid of hard-to-reach or stubborn tartar. For a proper clean, you need professional teeth cleanings approximately every six months. This schedule has been shown to lower your risks, giving you a fresh and clean smile until your next teeth cleaning.

If you have a condition like gum disease, your cleaning schedule will be altered to treat the problem and save your teeth and health.

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