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Is Lemon Water Bad for Teeth?

February 28, 2018
Posted By: Lee Martin, DMD, staff
Dental Exams | Lee Martin DMD

What seems like a harmless drink at lunch might actually be hurting your teeth. Before you order that next glass of water with a slice of lemon, be sure to read this!

Dental Erosion

You’ve heard about enamel erosion before and you know all the steps to stay away from danger. Your enamel is the strongest part of your tooth and you want to do everything possible to protect it. Acids are one of the common culprits behind dental erosion of the enamel.

While any acid poses a threat there are some that seem to be most penetrable: soft drinks and fruit drinks. Some of these acids are more erosive to the mouth than battery acid! 

What happens once the enamel has worn down? You can’t bring it back. Any damage that has been caused has to be fixed with fillings or crowns.

What About Those Lemons?

Since we know that fruit drinks are a culprit, one has to wonder what role lemons play. It turns out that citric acid is most concentrated in limes and lemons. In fact, in recent studies, lemon juice showed higher levels of erosion capability than any other liquid.

So while lemons might be tasty, they aren’t friends of your teeth.

Lemon Water Tricks and Tips

It is recommended that you switch out your lemon water for plain, fluoridated water instead. If you must have that lemon water, there are some tips to help you maintain your enamel.

  • Cut down on the consumption
  • Sip your drink through a straw to bypass your tooth enamel
  • Drink with food 
  • Swish with regular water after drinking
  • Do not brush your teeth for at least thirty minutes after drinking lemon water
  • Maintain healthy oral hygiene habits on a regular basis to build strong enamel

If you are concerned about the consumption of lemon water in your life or any other habit, it might be time to discuss your thoughts with your 31408 dentist. At your regular bi-annual checkup, have your list ready for questions and concerns for the dentist to answer. Then, you can work together to build a stronger, healthier mouth.

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