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3 Quick (and Inexpensive!) Ways to Improve Your Smile

August 29, 2019
Posted By: Lee J. Martin, DMD Staff
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Having a smile you feel proud to show off lets you express who you really are. A gleaming smile bridges every culture, language barriers, and can mean warmth and friendship to those around you. If you are not happy with your smile, you are not alone. Few of us were born with the picture-perfect teeth we see online and in the movies. 

Your Garden City cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lee Martin, can help. Cosmetic dentistry is more accessible to many people than ever before – not just something reserved for the rich and famous. Here are three ways you can improve your smile without spending days in the dental chair and without breaking the bank.

Teeth Whitening in Garden City

Are you thinking of whitening your teeth at home? If you spend any time at the grocery store, you have likely noticed that there are many gimmicky store products that claim to give you white teeth. Results from these over-the-counter products can vary. The most reliable way to get a bright white smile is with your dentist. We offer professional strength whitening treatments to help you get the very best results in the shortest time possible. 

Modern White Fillings

If you are of a certain age, you might have a number of silver amalgam fillings that cause teeth to look dark and make your tooth look gray. Replacing old metal fillings and dental crowns with beautiful, tooth-colored options can brighten your whole look.

We Offer Conservative Cosmetic Bonding

Not everyone wants a dramatic treatment like porcelain veneers. Dr. Martin can reshape and repair teeth using cosmetic bonding. Bonding is a highly conservative treatment that adds to your tooth structure without having to remove enamel. Composite bonds directly to the tooth structure and we can match it perfectly.

Did you know that nearly all of the dentistry we provide in our Garden City dental office is cosmetic as well as functional? We believe that we can improve oral health and keep your smile looking its best. We warmly welcome your call.

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