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Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Halloween

September 30, 2018
Posted By: Lee Martin, DMD, staff
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Halloween is coming which means enormous bags of candy will make their way into your kid’s hands. It’s even tempting for adults to indulge, which is why your Garden City dentist created some tips to keep your mouth healthy during Halloween.

Avoid Sticky Foods & Schedule Regular Dental Cleanings

Candies that are sticky, unless they are sugar-free, allow the sugar to sit on your teeth for long periods. This subjects them to more tooth decay. The stickier they are, the longer it takes to wash the bacteria away. Avoid gummy bears, taffy and other sticky foods when possible.

Chew Sugarless Gum

Skip the candy altogether and opt for sugarless gum instead. Chewing for just 20 minutes after a meal helps to reduce the chance of decay. That’s because gum increases your saliva production which washes away food debris and neutralizes acids. Stick with a gum that’s accepted by the ADA.

Drink Water

If you drink substances that have sugar, you are at a higher risk of tooth decay. That’s why fluoridated water is your best bet. If you must drink bottled water, pick a variety that has fluoride.

Avoid Hard Candies

Another bad thing to do when eating sugar is to keep it in the mouth for an extended time. With a hard candy, you suck on it for longer than just a few minutes. That allows the sugar to permeate the tooth structure and start causing damage. Choose to suck on a sugar-free candy instead.

Indulge with a Meal

If you must have a piece of candy, do it with a meal. This is when you have the most amount of saliva and are at less of a risk of decay. When you’re finished rinse your mouth with some water, then brush your teeth about 30 minutes later.

Having a piece of candy isn’t going to ruin all the hard work you’ve invested into your mouth. The key is to always maintain good oral healthy habits so your smile can be beautiful and cavity-free.



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