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Are tooth extractions painful?

Before the extraction takes place, your dentist will use an anesthetic to numb the gum and jawline to prevent you from feeling pain during the procedure. 

However, if you are conscious during the procedure, you will feel the dentist applying pressure to your jaw and the rocking motion used to remove the tooth. If this sounds like too much for you to handle, there may be sedation options to make the procedure easier on you. Speak with your Garden City dentist to learn more. 

What can I eat after tooth extraction?

For the first few hours after your extraction, it is best to stick to liquids. You will want to avoid straws or anything that requires sucking for the duration of your recovery. Depending on the invasiveness of your procedure, the amount of pain and swelling you experience will vary, but it is typically mild.

Generally, it is safe to eat soft foods that don't require any tough chewing after the first day.

By the third or fourth day, you should be able to resume your regular dental care practices like mouth wash and flossing, but avoid touching or aggravating the healing clot. Continue to eat soft foods like bananas, yogurt, and avocados. 

Most people find that they can resume their regular eating habits soon after the procedure is complete.

Tooth Extraction in Garden City GA

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