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What does a dental implant cost in Georgia?

In our dental office in Garden City, GA, we provide a consultation that includes an exam. We are looking at your gum health and jawbone density—as well as your sinus placement if you’re considering upper implants. Your dentist will also talk to you about your smile goals. In some situations, you may need pretreatments before getting the go-ahead for implant placement.

Know The Cost Before Starting Dental Treatment

Considering pretreatments, the number of implants, or whether you’re receiving a crowned implant or a prosthetic, and more… it is impossible to determine cost until your dentist in Garden City provides a consultation and talks to you about your specific goals. However, we always let you know the costs before starting treatment.

Pretreatments like sinus lifts or bone grafting contribute to the final costs, as do prosthetics compared with single implants.

The process on its own calls for implant placement (root replacement), time for this implant to integrate with your jawbone, and then your prosthetic or crown placement.

For Dental Implants in Garden City, GA, Contact Our Team

We want to help you restore your smile, and dental implants are the most stable and lasting solution available today.

To arrange your consultation, or for further questions about tooth replacement, call our dental office. We’d be happy to talk to you about our treatments.

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