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Does your dental office offer cosmetic dentistry?

At Lee J. Martin, DMD, we provide a variety of cosmetic young girl & mother in dental exam room l cosmetic dentist west savannahdentistry services including teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, and crowns to a name a few. Our goal is to create a beautiful, healthy smile you will love and be happy with. There are several ways we can accomplish this.

Cosmetic Dentistry Offerings at Lee J. Martin, DMD

Teeth whitening is our most popular cosmetic service because it is so quick and affordable. We offer a take-home whitening system with custom-made trays for great results in the privacy and convenience in your own home.

Porcelain veneers can dramatically change the way your smile looks in just a couple of visits to our office. These wafer-thin tooth covers hide a multitude of dental issues, including teeth that are misaligned, gapped, too short, chipped, or otherwise imperfect.

Cosmetic bonding is a quick way to change imperfections in your smile. We use the same material that we use for tooth-colored fillings to fix gaps and chips in your teeth.

Dental crowns used cosmetically can cap a tooth that is misshapen or stained, restoring your smile and strengthening your tooth.

Call Your Dentist in Garden City, GA To Learn More

If you have questions about cosmetic dentistry procedures, be sure to ask Dr. Lee J. Martin at your next appointment! We provide a number of services to fit most budgets. 

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