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How do I know if my problem is a dental emergency?

If you have a throbbing toothache, you know you have a dental emergency on your hands. But what about other problems like broken teeth, lost dental crowns, or loose fillings? 

The answer is that you may not know if your situation is urgent, but we do. Call our Garden City, GA office with your dental emergency, and a caring member of our dental team will take your call and listen to your concerns.

They’ll let you know if you’re facing an emergency that needs our immediate attention or if your treatment can wait until our next available appointment.

  • Urgent dental emergencies that can’t wait include a throbbing toothache that makes it difficult to think clearly and a knocked-out (avulsed) tooth, where we have only hours in which to place it back in its socket successfully.
  • A mild toothache that you can control with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen may be able to wait until you can conveniently get to us for treatment. Call us first, and we’ll let you know what steps to take next.
  • Broken teeth and lost dental crowns and fillings are all problems we need to treat as soon as possible, but you probably don’t have to disrupt your day to rush to our office for treatment.

Our dental care team has experience in treating all sorts of dental emergencies at our Garden City, GA dental office, and we will make yours a priority. Please call us at (912) 966-2102 so we can help you get the relief you need.

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