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Why would I need a tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions are saved as a last resort, as generally, we prefer to keep your natural teeth in your mouth as long as possible. However, there are times when extractions are the right choice either for the patient's overall oral health or to make room for another treatment.

Sometimes root canals don't take, and the infection returns. If retreatment of the root canal isn't possible or isn't successful, pulling out the tooth will likely be the best solution to prevent the infection from causing more damage to the surrounding tissue.

In instances like these, the tooth is dangerous to keep because it can cause many oral health issues, and your 31408 dentist may recommend pulling the tooth.

In some cases, if the patient is getting dental implants or complete dentures to replace rows of teeth, it may be necessary to extract a remaining tooth to make room.

Tooth Extraction Experts

At the dental office of Dr. Lee J. Martin, we provide tooth extractions to Garden City, GA, and its neighbors.

If you need a tooth extraction or an exam to help determine if a tooth extraction is the right course of action for your oral health, contact us today. We are happy to answer your questions!

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