Tooth Extractions in Garden City, GA

woman holding her jaw in pain l garden city dentistAt Lee J. Martin, DMD, we don’t make recommendations for tooth extraction until we have exhausted every possibility for saving your tooth. Although always a last resort, it sometimes makes sense to pull a tooth to protect your oral health.

If you find yourself needing an extraction, you can turn to Dr. Martin with full confidence. His gentle touch and calming presence help even the most anxious dental patient be more relaxed. You can expect minimal trauma during the procedure, and every step is taken to promote optimal healing.

When You Might Need a Tooth Extraction in Garden City, GA

No dentist likes to extract a tooth, but in some situations like these, it is the best solution.

  • You have suffered trauma, and your tooth is broken off so close to the gumline we simply cannot repair it.
  • Your gum disease is so advanced, one or more loose teeth must come out.
  • If you are experiencing overcrowding, removing a tooth can ease the pressure on the rest of your teeth.
  • Your root canal treatment was not successful, so the tooth must be removed to eliminate the infection to protect the rest of your teeth.
  • It is typically recommended that wisdom teeth be removed.

The Tooth Extraction Process at Lee J. Martin, DMD

Dr. Martin is highly skilled and experienced at helping patients with tooth removal. He carefully plans out the extraction beforehand, so once he begins, the procedure goes quickly and smoothly and the process is stress-free.

With simple extractions, stitches are usually not needed afterward because the tooth is already above the gumline.

Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions Painful?

It is natural to feel some anxiety about tooth extraction in Garden City, GA, but with a local anesthetic, the area is completely numbed, so the procedure is pain-free. Dr. Martin's caring demeanor and gentle touch put patients at ease, and his experience ensures that the procedure goes smoothly. We are also here to support you throughout your recovery process, and you can feel free to call us at any time with questions or concerns.

Dr. Martin typically recommends that we remove wisdom teeth for these reasons:

  • There's not enough room in your mouth to accommodate them. If this is the case, they could begin to crowd your other teeth and cause them to shift.
  • They could be impacted. If your wisdom teeth are stuck beneath the gumline, there is concern that they may cause an infection.
  • They might come in with odd positioning. Wisdom teeth that arrive rotated or pointing at odd angles could be a problem for neighboring teeth.

If you have questions about wisdom teeth or other tooth extraction procedures, we encourage you to contact your Garden City dental office in GA at (912) 966-2102.

Promoting Healing with Proper Home Care

Caring for the extraction after the procedure is crucial to promote healthy healing of the site. Be sure to follow Dr. Martin’s instructions carefully, including:

  • middle-aged couple smiling on couch l tooth extractions garden city gaTake it easy for a day or two after the extraction to give your body a chance to heal. Avoid strenuous workouts for the first week afterward.
  • Avoid smoking or using a straw in the days following the procedure. The sucking motion used with both can cause the forming clot to dislodge at the extraction, resulting in a painful condition known as “dry socket.”
  • Do your best to keep the extraction site clean and free of debris while it is healing. Eat only soft foods for the first several days and avoid chewing on that side of your mouth.

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, an over-the-counter pain reliever can help. If your pain doesn’t go away, or if it gets worse, be sure to give us a call.

Call Us if You Need More Information on Tooth Extractions

Although we will work hard to find another solution, sometimes an extraction is necessary. Call Lee J. Martin, DMD, to find out if extraction is your best option for a problematic tooth. With Dr. Martin’s practiced, gentle touch, the experience does not need to be traumatic. Call us today!