Root Canal Treatment in Garden City, GA

woman in pain holding her jaw l root canals garden city gaMost people flinch at the mere mention of the words “root canal,” but the truth is that this tooth-saving dental procedure is widely misunderstood and underappreciated. Because a painful toothache is what brings most people to the dentist to find out they might need root canal therapy, people often associate the procedure with pain. In reality, root canals stop the pain of a toothache and can save a diseased tooth from needing extraction.

The team at Lee J. Martin, DMD, offers effective root canal therapy that gets rid of your pain—and saves your tooth in the process.

When a Root Canal in Garden City, GA Might Be Needed

The most common sign that a root canal is needed is a toothache that goes from mild to unbearable. The cause is usually an infection that has formed inside the root of a tooth.

In other instances, there might not be any pain, but there could be swelling or sensitivity at the site of the infected tooth. Sometimes a small, white bump forms on the gum near the area. Some patients also experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages at the site.

What the Procedure Entails at Lee J. Martin, DMD

When you come to the dentist in pain, we understand that this is stressful. Add to that fear of an unknown dental procedure such as a root canal, and anxiety can be through the roof. Rest assured that our goal is to get rid of your pain, so you are feeling comfortable again—and that is our immediate priority.

young couple hugging l tooth repair garden cityThe root canal procedure is simple. After completely numbing the area, Dr. Martin will make a tiny hole in the affected tooth so that he can clean out the root, removing the infected tooth pulp. With the use of small hand instruments and rotary tools, he will completely clean the canals and fill them before sealing them to keep bacteria from returning.

The worst of your pain should subside immediately, although the area might remain tender for a few days. We usually recommend a dental crown be placed on the affected tooth to protect it and restore its full function. Once we have removed the living tissue, the remaining tooth structure tends to be brittle, and a crown will keep it stable.

Contact Us at the First Sign of Tooth Pain

Remember that dental pain is never normal, so don’t wait until the pain is excruciating before contacting us. When you are here, we can assess whether or not you need a root canal. If you do, don’t panic! This common dental procedure is no worse than getting a dental filling, and it will save your tooth and restore your oral health. Give us a call if you think you might need a root canal.